KITCHEN IN TOWN | formerly Courtyard Kitchen

Saturday, 2 July, 2022, at 11 AM-8 PM , mestna tržnica (town market)

Delicious smells will waft through the town streets again!

The now traditional Kitchen in Town, formerly known as Courtyard Kitchen, is coming back this year to tickle your taste buds.

Explore the food of local restaurants in good company, and enjoy the magic of the old town center. Join us over delicious creations of local chefs.

A true gourmet experience will be provided by:
– Matevž Božič – an experienced chef with more than a decade of experience in the world-renowned , Michelin-star-awarded restaurant Hiša Denk
– Gostilna Ribič restaurant – a well-known fish restaurant with 25 years of tradition under its belt, featured also in the Gault&Millau culinary guide
– Gostilna Grabar restaurant – using modern techniques to create tastes with a traditional flavour, which earned the restaurant a spot in the Gault&Millau culinary guide
– Frizi beer – a family-owned brewery from hilly Haloze, where they brew lagers and ales with various fruity and herbal flavours, and now also provide pizza
– Kavarna Bodi cafe – the owner’s mission is to elevate the drinking culture to a higher level by providing a plethora of drinks, which was also noticed by National Geographic
– Ptujska klet wine cellar – 800 years of tradition and enological innovation combined in exquisite wine

Something sweet will also be served:
– Pekarna Blanka bakery will offer their sweet programme
– Pomaranča Ptuj will offer ice cream

For a musical treat, jazz saxophone player BLAŽ ŠVAGAN will play two sets of chillout house with saxophone between 11 AM and 1 PM.

The event is organised by the Ptuj Public Tourism Institute.

Photo: Boris B. Voglar

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Date + time

2 July 2022, from 11 AM to 8 PM


Mestna tržnica (town marketplace)


11 AM-1 PM BLAŽ ŠVAGAN: chillout house music + saxophone

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