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Visit Ptuj in the winter, when it turns into the biggest open-air ethnographic museum showcasing intangible cultural heritage. Lonely Planet singled out Kurentovanje as one of the ten best carnivals in the world, on par with those in Venice, Rio de Janeiro, and New Orleans. The carnival is an excellent opportunity to see not only the door-to-door rounds of Kurents that UNESCO put on its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, but to also observe a number of folk and carnival parades, meet traditional and modern carnival characters, go to a masquerade and so much more. Kurentovanje features a number of parades, the carnival promenade, presentations of traditional costumes, concerts, masquerade balls, exhibitions, and so much more, divided into ArtFest, EtnoFest, and KarnevalFest.

The traditional 62th international Carnival of Kurentovanje is taking place between 19.2. and 1.3. 2022.

62. Kurentovanje is taking place in virtual world. Most of the events will take place on-line with the slogan “Faithful to tradition, looking to the future”.
We will regularly publish various contents on the social channels Kurentovanje and Visit Ptuj and on the renewed website www.kurentovanje.net.

2. 2. 2022–1. 3. 2022
Exhibition of ethnographic carnival characters and masks in display windows

3. 2. 2022
Presentation of MISTIK wine
Kurent Associations Ptuj and Ptujska klet

19. 2. 2022
Handover of the town key
Handover of the town key between Mayor Nuška Gajšek and the 18th Prince of the Carnival, Knight Hink Sodinski, noble Gall

19. 2., 20.2., 23.2., 26.2. and 27.2 2022
Ptuj Tourist Board in co-organization with the Ivan Potrč Library and the Ptuj-Ormož Regional Museum

21. 2. and 1. 3. 2022
Online guided carnival tour of Ptuj
Ptuj Tourist Board

19. 2. – 28.2  2022
Carnival projections at marketplace
Ptuj Tourist Board in cooperation with the carnival princes

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19. 2. – 1. 3. 2022


Streets and squares of Ptuj (old town centre)

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