Family day in Ptuj -

Visit the oldest Slovenian town with your family and explore the old town sorroundings with interesting activities.

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Throughout the year
(after arrangement)

Visiting locations

- Herberstein house near Ptuj (Mestni Vrh 90, 2250 Ptuj)
- Fairy Tale Forest Little Red Riding Hood (Krčevina pri Vurbergu 138a, 2250 Ptuj)
- Termalni park Terme Ptuj (Pot v Toplice 9, 2251 Ptuj)



69,30 EUR, VAT included (price for the family)

Herberstein House

Step into the time machine and experience life as it once was : with all the modern amenities to make the journey more comfortable. Herberstein house is a 200 year old vinedresser’s cottage in the heart of Slovenian Styria. Surrounded with vineyards, it provides a perfect location for a short break from the modern world. Downstairs level is a time traveling machine with original furniture dating to the 1920s.

Fairy Tale Forest Little Red Riding Hood

Fairy Tale Forest Little Red Riding Hood is located just outside Ptuj. At the premises you can meet many fairy tale small houses, learn about fairy tales and get to know their main characters in person.

Thermal park Ptuj

Thermal water is a source of health and wellness, especially if combined with swimming. The therapeutic water that comes from a depth of 1,100 m and at a temperature of a toasty 56°C is gentle when it comes to its composition, but strong with reinvigorating power. Ptuj thermal waters are especially recommended for treating sports-related pain and muscle injuries, and it also has positive effects on the respiratory system. Athletes are accordingly among the regular guests at Terme Ptuj. The large water park with outdoor and indoor pools, big and exciting water slides, the lazy river, and the wave pool will provide lots of fun and adrenaline for children and adults alike.


– 9:00 Herberstein house visit (Mestni vrh near Ptuj) with coffee or tea
– 11:00 Fairy Tale Forest Little Red Riding Hood visit
– 12:30 Family swimming ticket for Ptuj thermal park

Not included in price: transfers for the group

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