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22 February–4 March 2025


Visit Ptuj in the winter, when it turns into the biggest open-air ethnographic museum showcasing intangible cultural heritage.

Kurentovanje traditionally begins with a current jump, and the main program of the 65th Kurentovanje 2025 takes place from the 22th of February to the 4th of March 2025.


Visit Ptuj in the winter, when it turns into the biggest open-air ethnographic museum showcasing intangible cultural heritage.

Lonely Planet singled out Kurentovanje as one of the ten best carnivals in the world, on par with those in Venice, Rio de Janeiro, and New Orleans. The carnival is an excellent opportunity to see not only the door-to-door rounds of Kurents that UNESCO put on its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, but to also observe a number of folk and carnival parades, meet traditional and modern carnival characters, go to a masquerade and so much more. Kurentovanje features a number of parades, the carnival promenade, presentations of traditional costumes, concerts, masquerade balls, exhibitions, and so much more, divided into ArtFest, EtnoFest, and KarnevalFest.

Enrollment in the UNESCO list contributed to greater international recognition and thereby the enrichment of the general shared world history. At the same time, the inscription protects the heritage from the excessive influences of commercialization and prevents the decontextualization of the intangible cultural heritage of its implementation and appearance outside of the primary time and space. At the same time, awareness is rising that the wealth of the world is not in cultural and other monolithicity, but rather in cultural and other diversity. The circuit of the Kurents is one of the many ethnographic traditions from different parts of the world, which strive towards a common goal through their own external images and rituals. In the vast majority of different nations and nationalities, this is aimed at ensuring the conditions for a better quality of all living things.


2. 2. 2024 // KURENT/KORANT’S JUMP

The carnival season kicks off with an especially mystical event. At midnight the Kurents first don their bells by the fire, and start chasing away the winter and evil.

22. 2. 2024 // 11.00 // OPENING ETHNOGRAPHIC PARADE

Do not miss this unique adventure and get a valuable insight into the colorful carnival traditions from near and far. Ptuj streets will be filled with traditional carnival characters, such as Kurents, spearmen, Dornava Gypsies, ploughmen, rusas, cockerels, and bears.
The handover of powers will also be made at the parade. After the parade, join us at a party with live music and children’s program.

26. 2. 2024 //  19.00 // DAY OF KURENT AND KORANT GROUPS

During Kurentovanje, the Wednesday of each year is reserved for the Day of Kurent and Korant groups, when hundreds of horned and feathered Kurents/Korants walk through the city.

1. 3.  2024 //  11.00 // SATURDAY CARNIVAL PROMENADE

Putting on costumes is deeply rooted in the life of the city. You are welcome to put on a costume yourself and join the carnival promenade along with Ptuj’s townspeople, Romans, medieval merchants, many other carnival characters, and Kurents.

1. 3. 2024 // 15.00 // CHILDREN’S CARNIVAL BALL

We invite all children to come to the town centre and join the carnival ball in costumes and masks.

1. 3. 2024 // 18.00 // NIGHT SPECTACLE

Krampuses, Kurents and Korants
Power of the night – the carnival way! The illuminated and decorated Ptuj streets draw a motley crew of mysterious characters, who will create a fantastic play of darkness and light. We can also promise you an unforgettable fire and music show.


Do not forget to mark Kurentovanje on your calendar today. Ptuj’s streets and squares will be filled several thousands of carnival and traditional costumes, who will tell the stories of the past, future and present.
The parade will be followed with a party with live music and children’s program.

23., 24., 25., 27., 28. 2. + 1. and 3. 3. 2024 // MEET TRADITIONAL CARNIVAL CHARACTERS

Ptuj is the capital of traditions, and a place to meet traditional carnival characters in an intimate setting. In the evenings, you can see them in the heart of the oldest Slovenian city.

4. 3. 2024 // 12.00 // SHROVE TUESDAY

In Ptuj, the farewell from the carnival season is especially festive. We stop working at noon, and meet at numerous parties around the city. Why don’t you join the unique urban carnival celebrations that can last until wee hours.
A DJ will entertain us.



22 February–4 March 2025


Ptuj historic town centre

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