Principles of Sustainability -



  • We develop tourism with the aim of achieving sustainability, with all stakeholders striving to operate responsibly.
  • We encourage our guests to act respectfully and responsibly towards the natural and social environment at the destination.
  • Since distances in Ptuj are short and nature is always close, we promote sustainable mobility, and provide free bike rentals, rides on Zapeljivec and bus rides.
  • Enhance your stay here by visiting green providers; by staying at the Grand Hotel Primus or B&B Panorama or by eating at Restaurant De Poncho.
  • We ask our visitors to respect our efforts and recycle waste and conserve energy and drinking water.
  • We have drawn up a sustainability code of conduct for local tourist guides.
  • We promote the use of environmentally friendly sustainable packaging when organizing events.
  • When organizing Kurentovanje events and passing on heritage and traditions, we follow UNESCO’s guidelines.
  • We construct cycle paths to improve bike safety and accessibility of all important sites in the town and its surroundings.
  • Our free urban passenger transport project helps to reduce the negative effects of traffic-related air pollution and relieve parking issues in the town. We ensure transport is accessible for people without a car and for people with various disabilities.
  • We installed playground equipment for children with special needs in all town parks.
  • We develop tourism products that connect the town with its surroundings.
  • We run programs in the Old Town.
  • We encourage tourists to explore the immediate surroundings of Ptuj on their own.
  • We are members of the Association of Historic Towns, where we work together and independently to protect and preserve cultural heritage.
  • We provide Wi-Fi coverage in the Old Town.
  • We provide EV charging stations.
  • We maintain a self-service system for repairing bicycles.
  • We have set up a Re-use Center.
  • We launched the Izboljšajmo Ptuj (Improve Ptuj) app – a portal where citizens can report defects in public infrastructure, waste in public places and suggest improvements for a nicer Ptuj.

Neue Ereignisse

Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke, ki so nujno potrebni za njegovo delovanje, za zagotavljanje boljše uporabniške izkušnje in za spremljanje anonimnih podatkov o obiskanosti. S klikom na gumb »Dovolim piškotke« se strinjate z uporabo navedenih piškotkov. Če se z uporabno piškotkov ne strinjate, lahko nastavitve prilagodite s klikom na gumb »Nastavitve piškotkov«, pri čemer bodo še vedno uporabljeni piškotki, ki so nujno potrebni za delovanje spletnega mesta. Več informacij o piškotkih