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The destination Ptuj also covers the Natura 2000 area, which represents 21.33% of the protected nature area and includes diverse flora and fauna. It should be pointed out that native birds (cormorant, common tern and tern) nest on the two islands on Lake Ptuj, as well as various species of ducks, little sawfish, gulls, grebes, grebes and others, which visitors can see from observatories.

Bicycle paths (e.g. the Drava cycle path), a park with recreational facilities, a green city promenade and the castle park near Turnišče Castle are available to residents and visitors. Green areas make up 74% of the destination, which provides residents and visitors with favorable living conditions. Green areas also coincide with 84.7% of unbuilt areas, which proves the sparse population and a lot of natural environment for movement and a healthy lifestyle.

Ptuj can also boast in the area of ​​recycling all waste in the amount of 50%, which is the responsibility of the company Javne službe Ptuj, which with its work exceeds the national average by 10%. In addition to waste recycling, we also pay attention to the treatment of waste water, which Komunalno Podjesti Ptuj cleans in 90% and consequently exceeds the national average by 34%.

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Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke, ki so nujno potrebni za njegovo delovanje, za zagotavljanje boljše uporabniške izkušnje in za spremljanje anonimnih podatkov o obiskanosti. S klikom na gumb »Dovolim piškotke« se strinjate z uporabo navedenih piškotkov. Če se z uporabno piškotkov ne strinjate, lahko nastavitve prilagodite s klikom na gumb »Nastavitve piškotkov«, pri čemer bodo še vedno uporabljeni piškotki, ki so nujno potrebni za delovanje spletnega mesta. Več informacij o piškotkih