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Casino & Hotel ADMIRAL Ptuj

Indulge in an exciting gaming experience with an entertainment program and in the pleasant atmosphere of Casino & Hotel ADMIRAL Ptuj.
The gaming lounge is equipped with 102 of the latest slot machines and 2 electronic roulettes. You can choose from the most popular games at the moment. All slot machines are equipped with the “TITO (Ticket In – Ticket-Out)” system, which allows you to transfer your credit between individual slot machines without cash and withdraw cash at the cash register without unnecessary waiting. Most slot machines have the Mystery Jackpot feature, which, in addition to the usual winnings during the game, provides an additional chance to win the jackpot. Part of the gaming lounge is located outdoors, so you can enjoy playing in the fresh air, which makes smokers especially happy. For them, we have an additional smoking room in the gaming salon.
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