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Take a stroll through history paved with new adventures! Not many cities have been as successful as Ptuj at preserving their medieval architectural design. A walk through the oldest Slovenian city will take you past Roman monuments and magnificent medieval facades. Cobbled streets and squares will lead you to one of the most majestic castles in Slovenia that offers a view over the roof tiles of medieval monasteries, churches, and other buildings.

Ptuj Castle

Visit one of the most magnificent castles in Slovenia, which is home to impressive exhibitions ...

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Ptuj City Tower

It is practically impossible to miss the city tower. It is interesting because of not ...

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Kurent House

Using modern technologies, visitors can learn about the deep meaning of kurent/korant's rituals.

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Dominican Monastery

The Dominican monastery on the western side of the city was established in 1230 by ...

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Orpheus Monument

This marble monument was erected to honor the memory of Marcus Valerius Verus, who was ...

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Church of St. George

The main parish church boasts a gorgeous interior with striking Laib’s three-winged altar, choir bench ...

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Town Hall

One of the most prominent buildings in the old city center was designed by Vienna ...

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St. Florian Monument

Ptuj suffered several fires in the 17th century and was almost burnt to the ground, ...

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Minorite Monastery

After the fires and bombing, the 13th-century monastery was renovated, and now boasts a library ...

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Mithraeum I and III

In the Roman Empire Ptuj was an important, magnificent city (Poetovio) and a base camp. ...

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According to an ancient belief, Kurent is a demon chasing winter away and calling spring ...

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Drava tower

The Drava tower, built in the 16th century, is the largest of the six towers ...

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Povoden museum

When on Slovenski trg, check out the oldest open-air lapidarium in Slovenia. It was named ...

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Ptuj City Theatre

Ptuj City Theatre is one of the smallest Slovenian theaters, but in terms of its ...

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Ptuj City Cinema

Ptuj City Cinema has 120 years of tradition, and is deemed to be the oldest ...

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Ivan Potrč Library

The Ivan Potrč Library Ptuj housed by the Mali Grad manor (Little Castle) is one ...

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Memorial park

The old cemetery, which served as the town’s burial ground for over two centuries, has ...

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Turnišče Castle

This renaissance mansion with baroque facade is surrounded by a park and woods with paths ...

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Slovenski trg

This charming square is full of city attractions – from a 5-meter 2nd-century Roman monument, and ...

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Mestni trg

Take a break and sit down in Mestni trg (Town Square), surrounded by beautiful buildings, ...

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17 - 19 May


Minoritski samostan, Vošnjakova ulica, Ptuj
17 May
18 May

Salon Sauvignon 2024

Dominikanski samostan Ptuj, Muzejski trg, Ptuj
18 May
1 July - 31 August - Festivali

Kino brez stropa

01 Jul
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Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke, ki so nujno potrebni za njegovo delovanje, za zagotavljanje boljše uporabniške izkušnje in za spremljanje anonimnih podatkov o obiskanosti. S klikom na gumb »Dovolim piškotke« se strinjate z uporabo navedenih piškotkov. Če se z uporabno piškotkov ne strinjate, lahko nastavitve prilagodite s klikom na gumb »Nastavitve piškotkov«, pri čemer bodo še vedno uporabljeni piškotki, ki so nujno potrebni za delovanje spletnega mesta. Več informacij o piškotkih