Ptuj in 3 days -

Day 1: Begin your adventure with the best view of the town – from the footbridge, or with a coffee in Mitra hotel’s Kipertz café. Walk up to the Ptuj Castle and explore its collections of national significance, and enjoy the views of the city’s rooftops. Take a stroll to the Panorama archaeological park, and visit the Dominican Monastery. Grab some lunch at Amadeus, and discover the Orpheus Monument, city tower, St. George’s church and Kurent’s room at TIC. True hedonists can follow up with a cup of coffee on Slovenski trg, while soaking in one of the best views in the town. Art lovers can swing by the Ptuj City Gallery or Mihelič Gallery, while the Ptuj wine cellar is there for those who enjoy a glass of good wine.

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Day 2: Start the day on Mestni trg, where you can enjoy your coffee and pastry with a view of the magnificent town hall. Visit the Minorite Monastery, followed by a tour of the basilica on Ptujska Gora. Take a pit stop at the Babica Breda diner on Ptujska Gora and have some traditional gibanica layered cake, grab lunch at Špajza in Breg, and visit the Štatenberg castle near Makole. Upon returning to the city, take a break in the artistic atmosphere of the Muzikafe café, or spend an evening in the pools and spa of Terme Ptuj.

Day 3: Enjoy the pristine nature of Ptuj’s surroundings. Take a walk around the Ptuj lake (13 km), making a stop at the bird watching station, and visit the Šturmovci landscape park, protected as part of Natura 2000. If you prefer admiring the surroundings from the comfort of a seat, take a ride around the Ptuj Lake on the Čigra boat, and then have some lunch on Ribič’s terrace overlooking the Drava River. After lunch, take a stroll to one of Ptuj’s wine shops, or take a trip to the city’s surroundings, and explore the charming vineyards in Haloze and Slovenske gorice.

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