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If you are craving for art and culture, visit the castle housing museum collections of national significance, numerous Ptuj galleries, the 120-old cinema, which is the oldest open cinema in Slovenia, or one of the country’s smallest but also most thriving theaters.

Ptuj – Ormož Regional Museum

Museum’s most famous collections are showcased at the Ptuj Castle. Some of the most interesting collections ...

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Mihelič gallery

The Mihelič Gallery was named after the great Slovenian artist France Mihelič, who donated his ...

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Florjan gallery

The Florjan Gallery showcases the works of two local artists, father and son, Albin and ...

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The Dominican Monastery

The Dominican monastery was established in 1230 by Methildis, the widow of Friedrich III of ...

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Luna Art Gallery

An art gallery on Murkova ulica street where you can admire world famous artists like ...

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Ptuj City Theatre

Ptuj City Theatre has established its reputation as a theater that puts on performances in ...

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Ptuj City Cinema

Ptuj City Cinema has 120 years of tradition, and is deemed to be the oldest ...

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CID Ptuj

CID Ptuj is a dynamic nightlife venue. Especially on weekends, it regularly holds jazz, world ...

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Ptuj Castle Print Shop

Enter a charming house below the Ptuj Castle and learn about the history of printing ...

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Ptuj City Gallery

The Ptuj City Gallery is a must-see for all contemporary art lovers.

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Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke, ki so nujno potrebni za njegovo delovanje, za zagotavljanje boljše uporabniške izkušnje in za spremljanje anonimnih podatkov o obiskanosti. S klikom na gumb »Dovolim piškotke« se strinjate z uporabo navedenih piškotkov. Če se z uporabno piškotkov ne strinjate, lahko nastavitve prilagodite s klikom na gumb »Nastavitve piškotkov«, pri čemer bodo še vedno uporabljeni piškotki, ki so nujno potrebni za delovanje spletnega mesta. Več informacij o piškotkih