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The Ptuj City Council adopted the Ordinance Establishing the Ptuj Tourism Public Institute (Official Journal of the Municipality of Ptuj, no. 3/16), at its 14th regular session held on 25 January 2016. This resolution established an institute, whose main tasks comprise promoting and facilitating comprehensive and high-quality tourist services, coordinating and connecting tourist providers, promoting ethnographic, cultural and sports events, and taking advantage of the natural resources that are vital to tourism, and encouraging the development of tourism in the Municipality of Ptuj.

The Institute’s registered office is at Mestni trg 4 at Ptuj, where the Institute and the project team are located. You can also find the information office (TIC Ptuj) on the same adress.

The Institute’s activities are specified in Article 10 of the Ordinance Establishing the Ptuj Tourism Public Institute. Institute’s basic activities, which are in the public interest, comprise:

  • planning, designing and marketing comprehensive tourist services in the territory covered by the founder;
  • establishing good tourist information infrastructure;
  • planning and carrying out programs promoting culture and tourism;
  • carrying out activities related to city marketing;
  • organizing, creating, and holding events;
  • coordinating the programs of various cultural institutions, festival, associations and other organizations, operating in the territory covered by the founder;
  • coordinating entities working in tourism and other entities;
  • collaborating and cooperating with similar cultural and tourist organizations from other municipalities, from the region or from abroad;
  • working with cultural and tourism providers from Slovenia and abroad regarding content and business opportunities;
  • researching and analyzing the tourism market;
  • providing tourist information;
  • providing local tourist guiding services;
  • raising awareness and promoting a positive attitude towards tourism among locals;
  • managing movable and immovable property;
  • conducting market research in its area for natural and legal persons;
  • providing hospitality services as a secondary activity;
  • providing other services associated with tourism and events in compliance with the applicable regulations.

In accordance with the Decree on Standard Classification of Economic Activities, the Institute is classified under N79.900 Other reservation service and related activities.

The Institute Council has 7 members (4 representing the founder, 2 the public, and 1 the employees). The Institute Council members are:

  • Mag. Darja Harb
  • Sergeja Puppis Freebairn
  • Andrej Vindiš
  • Boštjan Šeruga
  • Andrej Klasinc
  • Aleš Ivančič
  • Romanca Simonič

The Institute’s work organization, HR planning, and financial and accounting operations are regulated by the:

  • Institutes Act,
  • Employment Relationship Act,
  • Civil Servants Act,
  • Public Sector Salary System Act,
  • Collective Agreement for Public Sector,
  • Public Procurement Act,
  • Public Finance Act,
  • Accounting Act,


  • Promotion of Tourism Development Act (ZSRT),
  • Ordinance Establishing the Ptuj Tourism Public Institute
  • The 2012–2016 Slovenian Tourism Development Strategy,
  • Regional Development Program for Spodnje Podravje for the 2014–2020 Period,
  • Vision and Strategy of the Municipality of Ptuj,
  • Strategy for Developing and Marketing Ptuj as a Tourist Destination in the 2017–2021 Period.

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