Ptuj in Shades of Chocolate -

Ptuj in Shades of Chocolate

Discover the secrets of Ptuj and indulge in sweet pleasures at XOCOC, a chocolate shop led by renowned chef and culinary virtuoso Matevž Božič. This unique experience combines the historical beauty of the city with the sweet taste of handmade chocolate.

The experience includes

A walk through the historical streets of Ptuj (60 min)

  • We will take you through the medieval streets, enriched with stories that have marked Ptuj.
  • We will stop at key landmarks such as Ptuj Castle, the Dominican Monastery, the Orpheus Monument, the City Tower, and so on.

Chocolate indulgence at XOCOC (30 min)

  • At the XOCOC chocolaterie, led by Matevž Božič, former chef of House Denk, a Michelin-starred restaurant, awaits an unforgettable tasting.
  • Matevž, with his long-standing passion for chocolate, now creates unique chocolate pralines that are a true work of art.
  • Presentation and tasting of basic ingredients (various types of chocolate) + 5 handmade chocolate pralines.
Why choose this experience?
  • Discover Ptuj through flavors: Explore the city combined with culinary masterpieces.
  • Supreme chocolate art: Experience Matevž Božič’s chocolate creations that blend tradition and innovation.
  • Ideal for culinary enthusiasts: Enjoy chocolates that are more than just sweets – they are a reflection of supreme culinary art.


“Ptuj in Shades of Chocolate” invites you on a journey through history and flavors, where the cultural landmarks of the city intertwine with the culinary originality of Matevž Božič.

Join us and experience Ptuj in a completely new way!


  • 1 to 4 people: 10 EUR/person for tasting + 60 EUR for city tour
  • 5 to 15 people: 22 EUR per person
  • Over 16 people: 18 EUR per person
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90 min

Meeting point

As agreed


All the year



Od 18 € do 70 €

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