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A selection of Ptuj stores with interesting souvenirs and fine gifts, which will make your visit complete and your loved ones happy. Some tips for summer shopping from Tina Lah, an art historian and jewelry designer.

Your tour of Ptuj will probably take you to the castle, where you can see the most popular and most representative collections of the Ptuj – Ormož regional museum. When buying your ticket, take a look around the museum shop, which sells souvenirs linked to the museum’s mission or those made by local designers and craftsmen. You can spice up your walk through the town center with some high fashion. Visit Artist Beauty House on Osojnikova, or the boutiques Absolute Fashion, Urban Vintage Fashion Store, and La Donna, as well as the studio of jewelry designer Srečko Molk on Murkova street. Further on you can also find the studios of fashion designers Sanja Veličković, Sabina Hameršak, and Rika Zadravec on Prešernova street. Antikvitete Trop on Slovenski trg is the perfect place for lovers of delicate handiwork and antiques, as they can browse through art and decorations from different eras (all worth a look and a buy), while Skrinjica Unikatov sells interesting products, made by the shop owners and other Slovenian artists. TIC Ptuj next door will provide you with useful information about the old town, and also authentic gifts made by local artists. You can also buy wines from local winemakers. Cheers! Krempljeva ulica also offers some interesting shopping options. With any luck you will be visiting Ptuj at a time when there is a fair being held at the nearby Fürst House. There you can get everything from hand-made products to local delicacies. There are without a doubt many more lovely boutiques and interesting shops in Ptuj. Allow curiosity to take you through medieval streets and discover them.

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