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If you like fashion that reflects Ptuj, its uniqueness and originality, you should go on a shopping spree through the boutiques in the old town. You will not only meet true fashion aficionados, but also discover gorgeous creations.

Charming curly-haired fashion designer Sabina Hameršak is a proponent of colorful originality. She believes that the dress must match people’s character and not the other way around. Sunny, warm and lively colors and original designs are this fashion designer’s trademark, and her unique creations adorn the streets of Ptuj, and have travelled to all parts of the world with tourists.

Sabina Hameršak

The beauty of the wood and the unlimited aesthetic possibilities it offers captivated the imagination of Srečko Mol, a designer of wooden jewelry, already as a child. With his craftsmanship and artistic creativity, he developed a strong brand of unique wooden jewelry, which seduces fashion enthusiast from all across the globe.

Srečko Molk

Fashion designer Sanja Veličković is Ptuj’s fashion icon. Her timeless creations reflect her elegance and femininity. Her mission is to design clothes for individuals who are not afraid of being different. She has been erasing borders with her international acclaim, and successfully creating bonds between Ptuj, Belgrade and Paris with her work.

Sanja Veličkovič

Maja Tofant has been successfully continuing the family tradition, which began in 1948 with the opening of the Zlatarstvo Tofant jewelry store. After completing the goldsmiths’ school in Celje, she continued her education at the School of Arts and Crafts in Italian Vinzenca. She finds her inspiration for designing unique silver and gold jewelry in the shapes and forms of nature.

Maja Tofant

No dress is perfect without the right shoes. Cobbler Pavle Ilić says that in the old times ladies wore high heels on the city streets more frequently, so cobblers had more work. Pavle and his wife Marija have been preserving this traditional craft in Krempljeva ulica for over four decades. During this time, generations of Ptuj citizens walked through their workshop door, and many keep returning to the master cobbler’s shop.

Pavle Ilič

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