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Every city has countless stories, myths and anecdotes. However, those who really matter are the ones writing those stories every day, and those cherishing, preserving and telling them.

Visual artist Stanka Vauda Benčevič and her husband Igor Benčevič decided to bring stories from around the world to Ptuj as they globetrotted. They turned a decaying house on Vrazov trg into a cultural center. The café, sunny patio, and wine cellar called Muzikafe became one of the best-known meeting points in the old city center. The creative couple has hosted several renowned world musicians, and every year Stanka amazes the city with the decorations and art that she displays during the Days of Poetry and Wine.

After finishing their professional sport career, brothers Malek combined their physical fitness with their people skills and innate showmanship, and soon made it among top Slovenian children entertainers. They make their audience gasp with their circus tricks, organize swimming classes, and promote active living among seniors.

Aleksander Fenos is a jack-of-all-trades: a hairstylist, visual artist, and the pioneer of Ptuj’s graffiti art, as well as a master tattooist. He finds his inspiration in the streets and walls of the old city center, on morning walks on the banks of the Drava River, and in projects he is creating in collaboration with kindred spirits. He lives and creates in the old city center.

Liljana Klemenčič is a librarian and a storyteller. Her excellent storytelling skills allow her to bring fairy creatures to life, exciting the imagination of kids and adults alike. Her inspiring tales of secrets of medieval towns, magnificent castles and mighty rivers always take her to her own city of fairy tales – Ptuj.

Matjaž Kekec is a skillful juggler, playful circus artist, sensitive mime, popular children’s entertainer, cheerful magician, etc. – Matjaž Kekec is a man of many talents and one of those lucky people who managed to turn his childhood dreams into his job in this small, but creative town.

One of the smallest shops in Slovenski trg is an antique store, owned by Zoran Trop. His passion for collecting antiques was inspired by his father, and he had already restored his first table in elementary school. After studying wood science and spending countless hours working for seasoned conservators, he turned his hobby in a profession. The family antique store is decorated with highlights from old Ptuj. Perhaps this gives it the feel of an old-town apartment, and makes it a treasured piece of timelessness.

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