Summer gourmet day -


A culinary tour of Ptuj with Lovro Centrih, a foodie at heart.

Start a long day with a big breakfast at the Grand Hotel Primus. Their breakfast buffet offers a wide variety of local and traditional European breakfast dishes.

You will need a snack around noon. Gostišče pri Tonetu Svenšku swears by its authentic local cooking. You can order a board with local delicacies, which includes tünka and other local cured meats, such as sausages and specialties from horse meat.

If you are a fan of local food and wines, you will enjoy local specialties and Slovenian dishes made with fresh local ingredients at Gostilna Amadeus. You must try their homemade štruklji. Many prefer the sweet variety, where the rich walnut filling is nicely complemented by silky chocolate sauce.

As the day turns into night, we recommend enjoying in some culinary magic on a terrace overlooking Ptuj. Gostilna Grabar serves unique dishes that are at the same time a tribute to freshness and tradition. They never fail to surprise with their unique, perfected soup, and the more carnivorally inclined will be seduced by their well-sized, matured steaks, cooked to their liking.

What could be better on a summer day than sitting on one of the nicest terraces in Ptuj, and watching a lazy river and a memorable sunset while enjoying gourmet dishes from local ingredients, full of authentic taste? Gostilna Ribič is famous for its fish dishes, however meat lovers will not leave hungry, and can pick from dishes that carefully combine local and world cuisine.

Pomaranča across the river serves European cuisine and dishes from a grill fired with beech wood charcoal. They are however best known for their deserts, especially their delicate homemade ice creams. They use fresh ingredients and the latest techniques of making this popular summer treat. Cool yourself with seasonal fruit and innovative local flavors, such as pumpkin seed oil ice cream with pumpkin seeds. Simply divine!

Ptuj has experienced a culinary revival in the past few years, which is founded on two elements – local and seasonal. All the options for culinary delights in Ptuj are nothing short of an invitation to enjoy and explore the variety of tastes in the warm summer months. This is something you simply should not miss.

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