Tell me your favorite wine and i will tell you who you are -


The rule that only one type of wine may be paired with certain food is ancient history. Experts on wine and wine pairing have defined four types of wine drinkers. Find out your type and we will introduce you a local champion completely to your taste.


You have a sophisticated taste for wine, as for many other things in life. Not many appeal to your taste, and you want your wines to be the product of advanced winemaking techniques and to have a clear flavor and perfect harmony, so they can fully engage your senses. Sweet, light, and not too strong.

We recommend: Pullus zvrst – G, sweet, Ptujska klet


Similarly to the sweet tooth, you prefer sweet wines, you are however more open to exploring new tastes and varieties. However, as is often the case elsewhere, you can quickly find something wrong with your wine, so you should stick to simple wines. Semi-dry to sweet, clean and pleasant.

We recommend: Kobal Yellow Muscat, semi-dry


You are in the middle of the taste spectrum, but you do not let that limit you. You can adapt your taste, and for you wine drinking is an adventure by itself. You are open-minded and can adapt to any situation, and you expect the same from your wine. Open, light and perfect for every (culinary) occasion.

We recommend: Gönc Pinot Gris, dry


You live intensely and you want intense wines. Rich flavors, full aromas, flowing and mixing of sensations are perfect for you, since you like living life to the fullest. For example, you like to pair your wine with some strong-flavored cheese. You are determined and sharp-witted, and this is how you also like your wines. Strong, rich and full of exotic, bold bouquets.

We recommend: Pullus Gewurztraminer – G, dry


  • TIC Ptuj, Mestni trg 4
  • Ptujska klet, Vinarski trg 1
  • Vinoteka Kobal, Prešernova ulica 4
  • Klet Osterberger at Hotel Mitra, Prešernova ulica 6

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