Two reliefs depicting Nutrices were discovered in 1991, when newer layers of plaster were peeled off during the renovation of the street-facing façade at Cankarjeva Ulica 3. It is assumed that the two marble relief slabs were built in when the original, probably Renaissance building, was constructed. The Roman monuments were damaged when installed and covered with plaster later. Nutrices, also known as divine wet nurses, are depicted on both monuments. They are always depicted as two or three women, with at least one of them nursing an infant. Parents prayed to the Nutrices for the health of their children. For this purpose, they erected a monument with their image and an inscription mentioning the patron. The monuments were usually erected by fathers, sometimes together with their wives. All social classes of Poetovio turned to Nutrices, and the cult was apparently very popular in the town, considering the large number of inscriptions and/or depictions found. It is believed that the cult of wet nurses developed from a pre-Roman form of worship, which evolved into the familiar Nutrices cult during cultural Romanization and the founding of the Roman colony.

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