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Ptuj offers cultural events in all seasons: from the Kurentovanje carnival to oenological and culinary events, from music to art and poetry festivals. Choose according to your own taste.



Numerous galleries and exhibition venues in the old town centre are proof of Ptuj‘s rich culture. At Ptuj Castle, you can also see museum collections of national importance.



Read our tourist-related news, browse through galleries of past events, and learn about the activities of Public Institute Ptuj.



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Town of wine and poetry

Experience two nobilities

You can taste the wine treasures of Ptuj and its surroundings not only at the Ptuj wine cellar, but also at the gorgeous Osterberger cellar and in the intimate atmosphere of Ptuj’s oldest house, at the Kobal wine shop. In Ptuj, wine intertwines excellently with poetry, which can be experienced at the Days of Poetry and Wine, and don’t miss the Salon Sauvignon festival either.

Town of wine and poetry

An old town, yet young at heart

Experience art in city streets

Even though Ptuj is Slovenia’s oldest town, it has a young heart. Feel its beat by visiting the Art Stays contemporary art festival, Arsana music festival or Days of Poetry and Wine. Walk in the Ptuj City Gallery, Mihelič Gallery, Art Salon or Luna Gallery.

An old town, yet young at heart

Wine and wellness

Experience relaxing hedonism

Do you know that wine can be beneficial to your body? Treat yourself to a detox wine bath or a relaxing massage with wine oil in the Grand Hotel Primus at Terme Ptuj, and add some zest to your vacation by staying in unique wine barrels. If you want to spoil yourself some more, visit the Venera spa, Hotel Mitra’s wine cellar, or the Kobal Kogl wine shop in the old town.

Wine and Wellness

One of the most magnificent Slovenian castles

Visit one of the most magnificent castles in Slovenia, which is home to impressive exhibitions of the Ptuj-Ormož Regional Museum: from ...

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The Ptuj City Gallery is a must-see for all contemporary art lovers.

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A PRESENTATION OF POETOVIO'S Roman archaeological remains

Poetovio Archaeological Park presents the heritage of ancient Ptuj, the largest Roman settlement...

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A stunning monastery complex

The Dominican monastery on the western side of the city was established in 1230 by Methildis, the widow of Friedrich ...

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Birdwatcher's paradise

The largest Slovenian lake is at the same time also one of the most attractive ones, as over 230 bird…

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Treat yourself to a relaxing stay at the Terme Ptuj Spa. The Flavia World of Saunas and Imperium Wellness await ...

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Whether on foot or by bike, exploring the Haloze hills is an exceptional adventure, as there are not many places ...

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Active Drava - Row on the Drava river

For lovers of water sports the oldest Slovenian city has a lot to offer. Get a different perspective of Ptuj ...

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Indulge in local specialties through a modern culinary and wine experience in the oldest Slovenian town. In the backdrop of ...

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Rimsko vodenje, Rimljani, Poetovio, rimska antika.
Boris B. Voglar, Photographer

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