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Summer offers treats not only for our bodies and souls, but also for our taste buds and tummies. Ptuj’s streets have something for everyone, whether you love sweet or savory, hot or cold.

Ice cream is without a doubt one of the best summer refreshments, and you do not have to walk far to get some in Ptuj. You can find this popular desert on almost every corner. Ice cream shops in Ptuj are known not only for the countless delicious flavors they serve, but also for their generosity. One scoop, a double flavored scoop or two scoops – in any case this will be a real feast.

Do you like it hot? You can continue by discovering what street food vendors have to offer – we would go for the fish burger, give five stars to the curry sausage, and can always recommend a classic burger. If you are still not satisfied, swing by one of the many food and wine events that fill the streets with mouthwatering smells and flavors. Do you prefer Open Kitchen or Kitchen in Town?

If you want to explore and taste your way through the world’s culinary map, why not start the adventure in Ptuj. The international restaurant guide Gault & Millau recommends Gostilna Grabar and Gostilna Ribič, awarding them two hats for their excellence. We dare to say that you cannot miss by picking any of Ptuj’s many restaurants and inns.

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