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Ptuj is a town with very rich history, with first settlers coming to this area over 6,000 years ago.

»Poetovionem in hibernia tertiae decimae legionis convenerant. Illic agitavere placerente obstrui Pannoniae Alpes, donec a tergo vires universae consurgerent, an ire comminus et certare pro Italia constantius foret (Tacit 3.1).«

They had come together at Poetovio, the winter quarters of the Thirteenth legion. There they discussed whether they should guard the passes of the Pannonian Alps until the whole mass of their forces could be raised behind them, or whether it would not be a bolder stroke to engage the enemy at once and struggle with him for the possession of Italy. (Tacitus 3.1, translated by Clifford H. Moore)

The Roman historian Tacitus mentions Poetovio in his Historiae as the site of an important meeting in the year of 69, when three candidates were contenting for the title of the emperor after Nero’s death.

At the meeting, the commander of the Seventh legion Marcus Antonius Primus convinced other legion commanders to support Vespasian in his claim, and assumed the command of all military actions that helped Vespasian ascend to the throne.

Roman historians named the event, which significantly affected the history and development of Ptuj, the military coupe in Poetovio. To experience the ancient Roman Ptuj, check out the guided tours through the Roman Poetovio, follow the footsteps of hedonistic Romans, or visit the Roman Games.

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