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Since 2016, Ptuj has been included in the green scheme of Slovenian tourism and has obtained the Slovenia Green silver mark. Every three years, the sign must be renewed, that is, all entries on the Slovenia Green platform must be updated and all documents containing evidence that the destination is responsible for sustainable development must be attached. Since 2023, we have been holders of the bronze sign.

Ptuj is especially proud of the destination’s Slovenia Green Accommodation certificate holders: Grand Hotel Primus also boasts the Green Key certificate, whereas Sobe Panorama B&B holds the Ecolabel sign. The culinary provider El restaurante de Poncho has also deservedly earned the Green Key sustainability certificate with its responsible attitude towards the environment.

Sustainable development of the destination is our common concern, so it is necessary to take care of it in all areas, we must pay special attention to environmental protection, care for clean water and reduction of waste. We must promote those forms of tourism that do not leave lasting negative consequences at the destination and encourage providers to have a responsible attitude towards the environment.

In its work program, the Slovenian Tourist Organization gives central attention to sustainable tourism, therefore we at the Ptuj Tourism Institute, in cooperation with other stakeholders, are obliged to take care of the creation of green tourist products, to raise awareness among tourist providers about care for the environment and to introduce sustainable practices into their working environment, we are obliged to warn all actors at the city level about the importance and awakening of environmental awareness. Destinations that actively promote sustainability and environmental protection in cooperation with the wider local community are additionally highlighted in certain segments of the promotion. Both additional exposure and, of course, clean air and a clean environment are essential for the local population and tourists visiting our beautiful city. In 2019, the destination received exceptional recognition, as it was ranked among the TOP 100 sustainable countries in the world.

As part of its operations, the boutique tourist destination Ptuj actively cooperates with the local population, local stakeholders and providers (especially during events), experts in the field of tourism, experts in the preservation of cultural and historical heritage, representatives of the local economy and organizations at the local, regional and national level , with the aim of preserving and passing on natural and cultural assets to current and future generations, promoting unique destination characteristics, extending the length of stay, increasing tourist consumption and improving the overall image of the destination in the eyes of the world public.

It actively participates in the development of sustainable tourism policy, monitors trends in tourism and responds to them in accordance with the vision and mission, uses modern digital technology that enables better internal communication and communication on the world wide web, especially through social network channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TripAdvisor). It carefully monitors and adopts legislation that is particularly related to the tourism sector, examines tenders, applies for them and informs about them local providers that it considers meet the criteria.

It pays attention to reducing its own carbon footprint and that created by domestic and foreign tourists – it is for this purpose that we encourage local and tourist use of the free Pecikl bicycle rental system at several locations, as well as the Zapeljivec and Šoferko electric vehicles. In the area of ​​sustainability, it is also necessary to point out the decision of the Municipality of Ptuj to cancel fireworks during New Year’s Eve from 2019.

Representatives of the Tourism Office regularly meet with representatives of overnight accommodation facilities and providers of the old city center, because trust creates better conditions for work and mutual cooperation, which in turn contributes to the development of new innovative, integrated and green products. Such meetings represent a point of contact between the leading destination and local stakeholders, who are regularly informed about examples of good practices from other destinations.

The signatory of the Green Scheme is also the mayor of Ptuj, Nuška Gajšek.

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